The Forge Gallery is now open with an official opening on Friday 18th October by the Mayor of Worthing. Our very talented opening artists include:

Siobhan JonesTara CoomberElaine PetoLoCo GlassPaul ShepherdClaudia PetleyBev Bartlett'ashar'Frans WesselmanJohn EvansLinda WarrickSamantha RobertsonKarin Hay WhiteArabella NockHeidi RhodesClare StilesTine Bladbjerg Natalie Bradwell Susan Miller Martyn Pugh Rozie Keogh Walter Wall Sid Sutton Masters and Munn Paula Bergin

Siobhan Jones - Designer Glass - Our resident artist who specialises in kiln formed glass.

Please click here to visit Siobhan's website.
Siobhan creates bespoke kiln formed contemporary glass wall panels and garden sculpture to your specification of colour, design and size, ensuring the piece is proportionately balanced to your environment. Providing a personal service taking into account the light source and location throughout the design and making process.
Siobhan Jones Fused igner Glass Fused Glass Water Beach Glass Siobhan Jones Designer Glass Fused Glass Harlequin Siobhan Jones Designer Glass Pink Male Nude Siobhan Jones Designer Glass Fused Glass Rock Seascape Siobhan Jones Designer Glass Fused Glass Yukka Garden Sculpture
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Tara Coomber - Silversmith

Tara specialises in traditional silversmithing techniques; mostly handraising to produce fluid, curvaceous forms, primarily asymmetrical, from one-offs to private commissions. Influenced by the organic nature of silver and gold, Tara also creates contemporary but classic jewellery. simplicity is the key to her designs wanting pieces to be sensuous and sensational to touch.
Tara Coomber Silver Jug With Rosewood Handle Tara Coomber Persian Maille Tara Coomber Silver Tea Set
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Elain Peto - Ceramiscist

Elaine Peto graduated from Exeter College of Art & Design in 1985, where she studied animals via livestock markets and the abattoir, using the media of photography and drawing to record the structure of the carcass.
In 1986, she set up a studio and continued the study of agricultural animals. Each animal is individually made by the process of slab building in clay, i.e. rolling out a sheet of clay and forming the body, then gradually adding slab by slab to form the whole animal. The details are then remodeled until the animal is complete. It is then biscuit fired, glazed and refired to stoneware.

Siobhan @ The Forge Worthing Comments: On a personal note, having followed Elaine's work for over 15 years, I feel her work captures the life and soul of the animal in a way no one else does. Come and see for yourself!
Elaine Peto Ceramiscist Man's Best Friend Elaine Peto Ceramiscist Bull Elaine Peto Ceramiscist Dancing Hares
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Loco Glass - Blown Glass

Absolute belief is at the heart of LoCo Glass’ success. A belief in creating the very best of British studio glass, a belief in keeping the craft of glassmaking alive and relevant for modern consumers and a belief that in everything they do, above all it must have integrity and ultimately delight both client and glass maker.
The duo behind Cotswold-based LoCo Glass, Louise and Colin Hawkins, have enviable glass making credentials. Louise graduated in design at Goldsmiths College London before studying at the International Glass Centre, while Colin trained in glass at Sunderland University and the Royal College of Art in London. What sets the pair apart is not so much their formal training, stunning as it is, but a true appreciation of glass, its foibles and follies. Louise and Colin gained this innate understanding early in their careers when working alongside some of the last glass making ‘gaffers’, traditional artisans who practised their art when the British glass making industry was at its pinnacle. Now modern-day gaffers in their own right, the pair have been joined by a team committed to creating the very best studio glass to represent their industry in the UK and further afield.
LoCo Glass Figtree Bottle LoCo Glass Thread Vessel LoCo Glass Strata Vase LoCo Glass Flame Decanter
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Paul Shepherd - Blacksmith

Paul began Blacksmithing after leaving school in 1986. His training was traditionally focused, and attending the Rural Development Commission at Salisbury, he developed these skills and completed his apprenticeship with a love of traditional style ironwork.
It was sharing a workshop with Claudia Petley in 1992 that opened up a new dimension to his work. Paul saw the potential of combining his traditional skills with modern design. Since then, his work has progressed from small interior pieces to larger architectural commissions, but he strives to maintain the precision and integrity, whatever the scale.
Paul Shepherd Blacksmith Paper Knife Paul Shepherd Blacksmith Spiral Candle Paul Shepherd Blacksmith Wall Candle Paul Shepherd Blacksmith Wiggly Book Ends
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Claudia Petley - Blacksmith

Claudia works on her designs to the smallest detail until the whole piece is balanced. She particularly considers nature and classical proportions and tries to reflect this harmony in her work.
"Almost everything I do is put through the fire and forged in some way". Claudia will forge steel to a fine point, then scroll, curl or knot it to "reveal just how pliable the material is by what can be done with it". She also plaits and rivets metal, preferring traditional forging techniques combining decoration with function.
Claudia specialises in Repoussé work, demonstrated in the Lion and Unicorn centrepiece she made for the gates of Kensington Palace. Her work ranges from small interior items to large architectural commissions.
Claudia's work shows elegance and precision. Her instinct and feel for her material turns a coarse, lifeless piece of steel into something animate and tactile.
Claudia Petley Repousse Lion Kensington Gates Claudia Petley Repousse Wall Sculpture
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Bev Bartlett - Jeweller

Bev Bartlett designs and makes all her jewellery personally by hand at her workshop in Berkshire. Working mostly in silver, her pieces feature unique textured surfaces combined with contrasting polished elements. The elegant designs reflect natural biological objects as they appear under the microscope – her first degree was in applied Biology. After completing a two year ‘Artist in Residence’ post, Bev now concentrates on developing her design concepts to showcase at quality fairs, in galleries and for private commissions. Ranges encompass all facets of jewellery, including earrings for unpierced ears, and small silverware.
Bev Bartlett Silver Circles and Vortex Earings Bev Bartlett Silver Circles Necklace Bev Bartlett Silver Pyriform Necklace Bev Bartlett Silver Waves Necklace
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'ashar' - Painter

My work could now be termed ‘experimental art’ they originate from my psyche, with elements of control. If they are about anything then it is emotional and subliminal I intend no meaning, however they do sometimes conjure images whilst in the making and this can lead to their naming. Like all abstract art they communicate on a subliminal level, negating the need for words. They are simply my response to the paint and the canvas, manifest visually.
My work is ‘abstract’ and I like to think of it as Abstract Expressionism. It has no connection to my past work; however my past work has informed what I am doing now.
Ashar Another Time Another Place Painting Ashar Deja Vu Painting Ashar End Of The Raindow Painting Ashar Summer Time Painting
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Frans Wesselman - Etchings

In all media I retain much the same style, creating a world dense with people, animals and plants. My paintings tell a story, based on poems and tales or directly on my observations and imagination. However for me it is the story telling itself which is the focus and a valuable function of visual art which allows us to understand and connect human lives.
Frans WEsselman Singing The Blues Etching with Relief Frans Wesselman Kiss Etching With Gold Leaf Frans Wesselman Morning Tea II Etching
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John Evans - Ceramicist

John found his way onto the Ceramics degree course at Westminster University. This renowned training saw him working on a range of ceramic techniques but finally going right back to the basics of low-fired burnished clay, sometimes coated with terra sigilatta, and marked with smoke or fumes. The ‘naked raku’ process came to the fore early on where John found he could 'paint' with the smoke using the reduction properties of the raku process. John's work was enhanced by spending time with the master of this technique, David Roberts, at one of his workshops and, later benefitting from the mentoring of Californian raku master, Eduardo Lazo. Inspired by the colours in rock formations, John has gone on to use other related techniques of fuming with vaporised chemical salts to bring colour into his work.
John works now from his home which overlooks the sea in Worthing on England's South coast. Images used in his work are often influenced by rough seas which hit the coast-line in winter, the storm clouds which gather, and the many 'found' objects washed onto the beach. John's other home, in the mountains of La Gomera , provides inspiration through the dark, wind-eroded cliff faces, clear star-lit nights, and the mountain forests.
John Evans Naked Raku Pot John Evans Raku John Evans Naked Raku
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Linda Warrick - Ceramicist

Linda Warrick originally trained as a ceramics teacher, but since 1997 has worked solely as a ceramic artist, exhibiting her semi-abstract bird forms in galleries throughout the U.K.
Her work is the result of a lifetime of watching birds, trying to determine the essence of their characteristics, how they are suited to the environment they inhabit and how they move and feed.
All pieces are individually hand-built and then sawdust smoked, giving unique carbon markings.
Linda Warrick Ceramic Antarctic Tern Linda Warrick Ceramic Penguins Linda Warrick Ceramic Tideline
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Samantha Robertson - Ceramicist

Samantha creates a range of functional earthenware wheel thrown and press moulded tableware including mugs, jugs, bowls, platters and jars. The functionality of an object is of great importance to Samantha and this is reflected in both the choice of making processes and the style of work she creates.
Work is decorated using coloured decorating slips which are applied to the surface with a combination of brushwork, sponging and slip trailing. Samantha enjoys the process of decorating work with repeat patterns using slip which enhances the layering and painterly quality of the material. White earthenware and terracotta clay are used as they exploit the richness and warmth of the coloured decorating slips, in combination with transparent and honey glazes.
Samantha’s influences for her work derive from interests such as English country slipware, the natural environment and 1950s textiles.
Samantha Robertson Allium Ceramic Breakfast Bowls Samantha Robertson Allium Ceramic Coffee Mugs Samantha Robertson Allium Ceramic Platter
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Karin Hay White - Painter and Drawings

it is the immediacy of drawing that I love, I see my finished drawings as a work in themselves ,not pieces for another medium. When I draw I intensify my concentration on the subject by not looking at the paper when drawing. It`s only when I have stopped working that I let myself examine the drawing.
Most of my painted work is based on inspiration from modernist architecture and industrial design. Also I`m interested in the contrast between rural and the urban landscape. I use geometry, colour and form to explore the tension between pure abstraction and pictorial representation.
Karin Hay White Boats Painting Karin Hay White Church Drawing Karin Hay White Fisherman Drawing Karin Hay White Watching The Scream Drawing
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Arabella Nock - Scultpure

I am constantly experimenting in my work, looking at ideas and concepts and different ways of expressing them. The human form has always been a fascination for me, and I have derived much pleasure from studying it intently.  I use the figure as a vessel with which to carry an idea or emotion. It has become a fantastic tool for fostering understanding between artist and viewer. I try to allow people to 'see' in the same way I do, aiming in part to instil an understanding of themselves on a different level. I aim to permeate the piece with my own style, being vigorous and energetic with the material to achieve something which is tactile and has a presence within its setting. Cast metal is the ideal media for preserving this sense of physical interaction and I have experimented with the full range using their different properties for aesthetic and metaphorical contrast. I am intensely interested in the process of creating a sculpture and the different stages it goes through. It is important to me to take as much of the casting process as possible into my hands as it is a journey and helps to forge an even stronger bond with the piece. Having studied at a university with excellent foundry facilities, I have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the casting process.
Arabella Nock A Portrait Of Strength Bronze Arabella Nock Dreamer Bronze Arabella Nock Bronze The Hardest Thing Bronze
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Heidi Rhodes - Textiles

I First started using the media of textiles embroidery in 1998 following the completion of my degree in textiles at Chelsea Art College. I rapidly became a lover of this exciting and inspiring medium and would describe my work as freestyle embroidery, painting with fabric and thread. I produce textile images inspired by fairytales, personal narrative and a personal response to teh events surrounding us, a sort of textile Journalism!

I hope to evoke with my work, the magical place between closing your eyes and falling asleep.
Heidi Rhodes Textiles A Little Trip to Brighton Heidi Rhodes Textiles Dorothy goes to Brighton Heidi Rhodes Textiles Mary Poppins in London Heidi Rhodes TextilesThe Queen Comes To Town
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Clare Stiles - Jeweller

Clare Designs and Makes Jewellery using Anodised Aluminium.

Author of 'Anodize! Brilliant colour and bold design for Jewelry'Colourful Jewellery encorporating silkscreen, graphic design, photography and traditional printmaking techniques.
Claire Stiles Anodised Feather Triptych Clare Stiles Anodised Swallow Cuffs Clare Stiles Anodised Damask Cuffs
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Tine Bladbjerg - Jeweller

Tine Bladbjerg moved to England in 1990 to study jewellery design and become a designer jeweller at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Rochester upon Medway. In 1996 she graduated from college and moved to London where she set up her own business to design and make jewellery that could be worn for special occasions as well as for everyday use. In her workshop in South London Tine Bladbjerg creates simple and sculptural pieces that will add an elegance and enrich the life of the wearer.
Tine Bladbjerg Jeweller Silver Earrings Tine Bladbjerg Jeweller Silver Drop Necklace Tine Bladbjerg Jeweller Silver Bangle
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Bridget Drakeford - Ceramicist

Bridget's influences come principally from the classical forms of European and Oriental ceramics. These influences have come together in assured forms and technical concepts, to which she adds refined and individual touches. Her work ranges from wide, open bowls to teapots & caddies with some pieces having innovative decorative detailing in precious metals, hand worked by the artist. All of her pieces are graced with a subtlety of finish and sophisitcation of glaze colour that makes them very collectable & much sought after.
Bridget Drakeford Porcelain Chun Bottle Bridget Drakeford Porcelain Bridget Drakeford Red Porcelain
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Natalie Bradwell - Blacksmith

As an Artist Blacksmith, a Sheet Metal Fabricator and a Welder, Natalie is able to experiment with a huge range of metals and processes. After four years employment in light and heavy commercial metal industries, study at Warwickshire College in Artist Blacksmithing and Brighton University 3D Design WMCP, Natalie works all metals with a view to changing its metallurgy using temperature and tonnage. Natalie has a fascination of metallurgy and the chemistry of change. This combines with a long love of Art and Design and her desire to make metal art.
Natalie Bradwell Metal Rose
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Susan Miller - Painter

Susan's watercolours are large and bold. There are no sketches or fixed ideas. Subjects range from floral interpretation, to abstracts and still life, with colour the motivator. Susan has not been influenced by any one particular painter, but is drawn to artists known for their use of colour like Howard Hodgkin.
Painting in a fluid, free style, Susan responds to the paint and follow where it leads, often changing direction in response to a pleasing mark, or an area of paint.
Colour is vibrantly layered to create depth and mystery, using whatever is available. Susan's paintings are created with passion, which is conveyed by the finished work.
Susan Miller Flowers Water Colour Painting Susan Miller Daisies Water Colour Painting Susan Miller Horse Racing Water Colour Painting
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Martyn Pugh - Fine Jeweller

Simplicity, grace, precision, poise. Clean fluid contours flow effortlessly throughout Martyn Pugh's collection of silverware. Each piece has a satisfying solidity when used. He has created harmonious balance not only to the eye but to the hand. His design philosophy is uncomplicated.

"I create beautiful objects for people to use. Function and mechanics are of equal importance to uncompromised beauty."

His skills at melding fine engineering with disarming elegance ensure a classical longevity for each piece. Unassuming confidence resonates throughout, a reassuring quality in a world of transient fashions.
Martyn Pugh Fine Jeweller Bracelet Martyn Pugh Fine Jeweller Exquisite Ring Juno Palladium 18ct Martyn Pugh Fine Jeweller Necklace
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Rozie Keogh - Artist and Jeweller

Rozie was born in Middlesex and spent the first part of her life living in West London moving to Herefordshire, where she now works and lives, in 1974.

She originally learned illustration and typography at Harrow School of Art. After college she worked in the painting room at the Royal School of Needlework, painting designs for embroiderers. After moving to Herefordshire, she worked in the print and publishing trade as a typesetter. In 1990 she returned to Hereford College of Art and Design where she completed the Small Studio Practice course, later to become Applied Arts).

Since leaving the course she has made her own work, producing an ever-changing range of jewellery, wire sculptures and site-specific work.

Although now working three-dimensionally, she continues to illustrate life and stories with her work.
Rozie Keogh Embroidery Earrings Rozie Keogh Embroidery heart Necklace Rozie Keogh Embroidery heart tassel
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Walter Wall - Painter

I remember cycling home with Marylin Monroe under one arm and King Kong under the other. Marylin was bigger than in real life and King Kong much smaller than in the movie. Cycling over the cobbles of Wapping Wharf was tricky. But having managed the weekly shop along the Commercial Road from Sainsburys to the Isle of Dogs, this was a comparative doddle.

I’d cut them out of wood, and then painted them black and white. I’d been asked to make them for the AA’s Hollywood Fancy Dress Ball. Now it was over and I was taking them home.

The only space we had for these oversize cut outs was in the hall and that’s where they stood. So, every time I unlocked the door, I got a shock. I had to do a double take to make sure that King Kong wasn’t going to attack me!

That was then. This is now.

Walter has exhibited in London, York, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Walter Wall Painting 1 Walter Wall Painting 2 Walter Wall Painting 3 Walter Wall Painting 4
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Sid Sutton - Painter

Trained at Harrow College of Art. Spent many years working in Film and Television as a designer. This involved designing title sequences, programme sequences, trailers using design, photography drawing, illustration, animation and live action filming.

In the late nineties I decided to go back to basics, back to my true love of drawing and painting. Since 2000 I have been using drawing and painting together with computer techniques in producing textile designs which have sold in many countries around the world.

Whilst occasionally still producing these designs, for the past few years I have concentrated on drawing and painting. I am interseted in carrying on the long tradition of oil painting, observing and recording places, people, weather patterns and light effects. Not in a photographic sense but in a fresh, lively, instictive application of paint on canvas or board.
Sid Sutton Painting 'Evening Feed' Sid Sutton Painting 'Towards Ferring' Sid Sutton Painting 'Magnolia'
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Masters and Munn - Sculpture

André Masters has honed his skills working with every conceivable material as a professional modelmaker for the film and television industry since 1995. Andre's migration to the art world was a natural and inevitable progression marking his desire to develop and express his own style and interpretation of popular artistic genres.

In Andre's spare time he works as a guest lecturer at some of the top art and media colleges and universities around the country to inspire and guide the next generation of artistic creators.

CJ Munn is a self-taught artist from Kent predominantly working lifecasting and sculpture. CJ's natural creativity flourished and her abundant talent has brought her much attention of the national press, many prime time television shows and won her national and international awards in her field. In 2013 she accepted a post on the Board of Directors of the Association of Lifecasters International.

They have both appeared on television and radio many times as 'guest experts' in their own fields and in 2013 were voted the International Rising Star Award - at the 3d Print Show for their work on 'Icarus had a Sister'.
Masters and Munn Sculpture Gaia Masters and Munn Sculpture Narcissa Masters and Munn Sculpture Legs
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Paula Bergin - Mixed Media

AFROGRAF (Abstract Formations)

My work explores the relationship between multiculturalism and memory.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of relationships. What starts out as hope soon becomes finessed into a manifesto of power, leaving only a sense of dread and the possibility of a new synthesis.

With influences as diverse as Blake and Andy Warhol, new combinations are distilled from both simple and complex structures.

As wavering forms become reconfigured through diligent and personal practice, the viewer is left with a clue to the possibilities of our culture.
Paula Bergin AFROGRAF 1 Paula Bergin AFROGRAF 2
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If you are an artist and wish to submit work for exhibiting in our gallery, please send us an email with low-res images in jpg format and information about yourself and your work to